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We understand the ultimate requirement is for the end-use machinery to run consistently, smoothly and as expected. Our focus is on building control systems with the highest quality workmanship. Our dedication to customization and answering your particular needs set us apart. Expand your expectations and know they’ll be met.

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    InteliCon is a fully approved UL shop.

    With a spacious 12,000 sqft. facility. InteliCon is positioned to take on your custom project and turn it into exactly what you specify.

    Common industries that benefit from our services include automotive, chemical, steel, mining facilities, glass ind., plastics fabricators, packaging lines, food processing and any assembly line.

    InteliCon offers a full range of engraving options. We engrave all of our own tags, labels, etc. Plastic legend plates can be made as small as 1/4″ x 1/4″, up to 24″ x 48″. We have a wide variety of colors and can also order any that we might not have in stock. Graphics and logos are easily imported into our engraving software to make fully customized legend plates.

    We can also do laser etching on aluminum, stainless and other materials. Custom metal legend plates up to 8″ x 8″.


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