Acid Etching

Intelicon Offers Custom Marking & Etching On Stainless Steel Surfaces

Custom Marking & Etching

Intelicon is capable to make company logos, part numbers, serial numbers, lot and batch numbers, model numbers, barcodes, QR codes, and more on Stainless Steel Surfaces.

Creating permanent and disposable stencils for your everyday company needs.

Great for Branding & Information

With permanent and disposable stencils for your equipment.

Modern technology

Makes marking stainless steel surfaces faster and easier than ever before.

Permanent stencils

Permanent stencils are ideal for the marking of your company logo and address as well as other recurring information from one part to another.

Disposable stencils

Ideal for serial numbers, lots, and batch numbers, QR codes, or any information updated regularly.

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